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For many people the most anxiety provoking and difficult part of being in a debt collector’s sights is dealing with constant telephone calls to their home or work place. In some situations debt collectors even call debtor’s relatives, neighbors, or other unrelated third parties to discuss your private business. Often threats of legal action or worse are made, and frequent lies are told by some collectors.

Calls to your work place are almost always illegal unless the collector cannot contact you in any other way. Even then, more than one call to your workplace a month violates New Hampshire law. Discussions with third parties other than your husband or wife, or your parent if you are a minor, are also illegal. Without your permission debt collectors are prohibited from discussing your business with third parties in almost every situation. Calls to third parties are especially damaging. Your reputation is important.

Debt collectors cannot threaten you with actions that they cannot take or do not intend to take. Wage garnishments are a good example.Many debt collectors are unaware that wage garnishments simply do not happen in New Hampshire because our law makes them almost impossible to obtain. Child support, alimony and some types of taxes are an exception to this general rule. If you have been threatened with a wage garnishment, your rights may have been violated. It is also illegal for a debt collector to threaten you with a lawsuit, if such action is not specifically authorized by the creditor. Many creditors do not authorize legal action because it is expensive, time consuming and often ineffective.

Your home needs to be a refuge. It is your safe place. If you are afraid to answer the phone, or if you are abused when you do, call us. We can stop the telephone calls in almost every situation.

Debt collectors are strictly regulated. Telephone harassment is simply the most common form of abuse. Others are discussed here.