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Credit Report Repair

In the United States there are three major credit reporting agencies and several smaller ones. When a creditor or collection agency reports your debt to any or all of these agencies, your credit status is damaged. If your credit is damaged, you will find it difficult and more expensive to obtain credit of any type, including credit cards, car loans, and mortgages. That's pretty obvious.

But bad credit will also make it more difficult and expensive for you to obtain homeowner's and automobile insurance. Prospective employers may examine your credit report and draw conclusions from it that will reduce your chances of being hired for a new job. Your check may be rejected at retail stores. And banks may even deny you a checking account. It is important that your credit report be accurate in every respect.

Here again, you are protected by strong Federal laws. Typically negative entries on your credit report should only remain for seven years. But "stale" entries are often not purged from reports. If you have disputed a debt, you are absolutely entitled to have that and your explanation noted on your credit report, even if the negative entry cannot be deleted.

But this too may be more complicated than it sounds. You are dealing with two huge and often hostile adversaries in almost every case – the data furnisher (a credit card company, automobile financing company, or perhaps a professional office or retail business reporting through a collection agency), and the credit reporting agency itself: Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, or some smaller company.

Forcing the correction of your credit report can be an extremely time consuming and very frustrating task. For you it is an unpleasant and perhaps difficult job. It's an extreme irritation. But for us, it's our job. We cannot usually have accurate information removed from your credit report. But we can make sure that credit reporting agencies are not giving false or old information to those who request your report.

In extreme cases of inaccurate credit reporting, we may suggest that a lawsuit is necessary or advantageous to you. If so, we will ask the court for an order requiring the reporting agency to pay your legal fees.

An inaccurate credit report can cause serious problems. Talk to us about credit report repair.