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About Us

Since 1983 Attorney David Osterman has been assisting New Hampshire residents, and in particular New Hampshire families, facing difficult legal and financial situations. Admitted to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Attorney Osterman now focuses his practice on the financial difficulties facing the many New Hampshire residents who have been badly hurt by the prolonged downturn in the United States' economy.

If you are receiving dunning letters or telephone calls, calls to your workplace, or threats from collection agencies, we can put a stop to that. If you have been sued on a debt, we can help to defend that action or get you the most favorable settlement possible. If a collection agency has violated the strict Federal or State laws that govern their behavior toward you, we can put a stop to that behavior every time.

In some cases we may recommend that you file a lawsuit seeking damages against the collection agency. If litigation against a collection agency is appropriate, we can handle the case on a contingent fee basis – we only get paid if we settle your claim or win your lawsuit.

Thousands of people in New Hampshire and across the nation are being subjected to abusive debt collection practices. You are not alone. And we can help.

An Odd Disclosure

Attorney Osterman is also the owner of a small local collection agency. In that capacity, he works primarily with small businesses to collect debts owed to them by other small businesses. Yes, we also collect some consumer debt. In all of the work that we do, we work within the law. We treat everybody with honesty and respect. We do not harass people, ever. We do not lie, threaten or cheat to collect money. But we have often seen other agencies engage in abusive, dishonest, and illegal tactics. We think that those rogue agencies need to be brought under control using the same laws that they routinely violate. We know all of their tricks, and our knowledge and experience will allow us to work effectively for you.

If you have an IRS problem, call a former IRS agent. If you have a problem with a debt, a creditor, or a collection agency, call us.